CriminalAnimal has invited artists, scholars, and others involved with animal issues, to create work specifically for the web and this site. We have encouraged an open and experimental approach to both the medium and subject. Submissions, responses and ideas are welcome!

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Squish and Gas Chamber (excerpts) from American Cockroach by Catherine Chalmers

Catherine Chalmers creates small models and fills them with our most dreaded and hated "R-species" of animals and insects. With her "American Cockroach Series," she creates both narrative and experiential video (and still) vignettes. Attracted by their repulsiveness (or is it the other way around?) we are presented both whimsical and macabre scenarios. This is done with a mix of "up-close and personal" fidelity and scientific clarity.

  Specimen by Lane Hall/Lisa Moline

In 2002 and 2003, Hall and Moline had the opportunity to work with scientists and architects on a large display at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco to commemorate their 150th anniversary. These digital video "duets" were created from hours of footage taken within the research laboratories of the Academy. Everything there is captive, captured, pinned and processed, yet moments of poetic resonance were constantly present.


Skin Scan by Lane Hall/Lisa Moline

A highly magnified scan of a snakeskin, laser printed and pasted to the elevator shaft, is activated by the vertical lift of the elevator car. Installed in an open elevator shaft at Los Angeles' Post Gallery in 2004, the viewer moves through the static print but also sees the print reanimated on a small video portal. A surveillance camera mounted to the back of the elevator car documents each of the elevator's journeys up and down the 30-foot shaft.


The Alba Headline Supercollider by Eduardo Kac

With his project "GFP Bunny," Kac commissioned the genetic alteration of an albino rabbit. The project generated much controversy and many headlines in the international press. "The Alba Headline Supercollider" takes these headlines, splices them into syntactical elements, and randomly recombines them on the fly - creating an endless stream of expository moments. The project was designed and developed with the help of Dorijan Kolundzija.


Parainfluenza Digitalle by Dorijan Kolundzija

Parinfluenza is a human and animal respiratory virus that causes 50% of all lung diseases. So far 8 different mutations of this virus are isolated. Parainfluenza Digitalle, created by multiplying a single digitally altered microscopic image of the flu virus represents its imaginary digital mutation, and is no more than a sketch for a larger body of work dealing with the "poetics of disembodiment."


The White Bear and Other Unwanted Thoughts by Anya Lewin and Lara Odell

"The White Bear and Other Unwanted Thoughts" is a fragmented narrative that never closes (and never opens either). Lewin and Odell wear stylized bear suits and wander various land, city and video scapes. Their human faces remind the viewer they are not "all" or "pure" bear. They, much like the Kermode Bear (a black bear with a white coat), are an example of an evolutionary twist, or a de-evolutionary regression caught in the middle of being themselves and something other.

Anya Lewin and Lara Odell have been collaborating on projects since 1999. They invent and perform characters that are slightly off, that one believes while dis-believing. They then place them in imaginary worlds, which merge together time frames, genres and historic fact. "The White Bear and Other Unwanted Thoughts" was originally installed in CEPA Gallery's "Windows on Main Street."


Seals by Per Maning

Seals rocket through their underwater aquarium, appearing like mysterious alien presences within a space both familiar and other-worldly. This quicktime animation is a small sampling of some of Maning's powerful video installations which are projected into institutional spaces, creating theatrical presence of the animal subject.


Making Art With Sharks by Olly & Suzi

Olly & Suzi work directly in the field with the animals they depict. Photographs and films are created as they create artifacts that are often modified by the animals themselves. Agency, subject and object become intermingled. "Making Art With Sharks," an encounter with sharks at Isla de Guadalupe, Mexico, is concerned with the physical form of the shark, the medium of water, and the elements of the cage. Films courtesy of Anthony Nolan.


Infinity Kisses I and Vesper's Pool (excerpts) by Carolee Schneemann

A morning greeting ritual enacted between companion species sets the stage for "Infinity Kisses I." The cat, Cluny, engages Schneemann in her semi-waking state, even as she reaches for the camera in her ongoing attempt to document such quiet and rich moments of life.

"Vesper's Pool" is both tender and elegaic: a video meditation upon the life and death of a favorite pet. Physical deterioration is documented in this quiet testimonial excerpted from Schneemann's video installation.


Ghost Sheep and Thorn by Angela Singer

Recycling old taxidermy and meat industry animal waste is central to Angela Singer's work. For her installation "Ghost Sheep" at Blue Oyster Art Project Space & Gallery, New Zealand she created a ghostly floating flock of sheep. Working with 240 damaged skins, donated by a skin processing factory, she shaped the shorn and preserved flesh back into ghostly sheep forms.

"Thorn" (from her new Live Death series) is concerned with death, preservation and decay. In spite of the best efforts of the taxidermist, taxidermy is often slowly destroyed by insects, eaten from the inside out. This 360-degree view of a damaged trophy-kill taxidermy fawn incorporates found dead cockroaches, flies and moths .


Five Projects by Xu Bing

Xu Bing explores the difficult dynamics of communicating across languages, cultures and species. His textual projects suggest a code that upon inspection is unable to be parsed. Animals within his work act as mute agent: acting and acted upon. Insects create and destroy texts, pigs stamped with nonsense English and Chinese characters lustily mate in captive performance - fecund communications suggesting the unlikelihood of understanding. Grand in scale and fine in detail, his work engages a bemused and quizzical poetry of obstinance.